We interpret corporate identity (CI) as a vehicle or transmitter which continues to provide information on an everyday basis well after its initial release in the market. Taking into consideration the essence of clients' business activities, we strive to create quality design unaffected by superficial trends of a given time, and promote CI design closely related to daily life from the viewpoint of clients and their customers.
  We also define design as a product or information which helps to improve people's everyday life and which acts as a means to achieve the clients' business goals. Carefully avoiding the pursuit of the designer's self-satisfaction alone, we explore ways to integrate functionality and aesthetics in our designs that herald the evolution of style.

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 CID plus
 2-2-11-904 Tokuicho Chuo-ku Osaka 540-0025, Japan
 Seiji Minato
 Yukichi Takada
 CID Lab. Inc.
 J-PORT design